Here is my attempt at imitating the subordinating and additive styles for sentences.

Henry James Imitation: With the rush and the hurry of the end of the semester assignments, with the subsequent amounts of stress, the utmost concern for his grades – that he usually held – left his mind, for there was no way for him to survive this horrific test, and the textbook slipped and thudded to the ground.

Virginia Woolf Imitation: Did what she do matter, if only everyone around her was continually hurt, injured in this walk of life, without any hope of recovery; or did it only matter if the changes in life, their ebbs and flows ceased to exist like that house there that crumbles and falls, falls to pieces like the cookies that crumbled in her pocket at breakfast as she hid it from her child, who only desired sweets that would eventually cause her to call on the doctor and bring the further light and eyes of death into the world?


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