Memoir: My life changed drastically as soon as I set foot on the ground of England, happily anticipating the next few months of my life.

Paper for a humanities class: Many critics have associated the birds in Jane Eyre as specks of freedom flying through the protagonist’s life.

Talk at church: Today I have been asked to speak on grace and the enabling power of the Atonement.

Bestselling fiction novel: As she ran up the cobbled streets, the only thing on her mind was to get away, from the darkness, the blackness, the all-encompassing horrors that lurked behind her.

Science paper: Recent discoveries in the field of aerodynamics have shown that not only are people likely to fly soon, they are also five times more likely to fly before pigs do.

She ran, hurriedly and quickly, up and up and up the uneven cobbled streets, fearing for her safety as much as for her life from what lay behind her: she must try to escape the suffocation, the blackness, the inability to see a hope for the future, the stress, the struggles, the all-encompassing horrors that threatened to engulf her within their lurking compasses; for there could be no hope, no escape from what lay behind her: within seconds she was caught again in its snares.


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