Chapter 1 – Periods

Style is determined by variants in the usage of periods. Whether long or short, each sentence packs a bang. Remarkable.

Chapter 2 – Commas

When I learned about commas all I wanted was to take a breath as they gave me pause. However, a breath, while needed, was hard to come by.

Chapter 3 – Semicolon

Semicolons allow for two thoughts to be joined together; style can be tricky with this controversial mark.

Chapter 4 – Colon

The colon: whether present or not, it can elaborate on the proceeding text and give it more of a punch for readers.

Chapter 5 – The Dash and Parentheses

Dashes – and parentheses – can change the pace of reading (and writing). I feel – not that it matters – that they are great tools.

Chapter 6 – Quotation Marks

“Do quotation marks really influence speed?” she asked. The response was a resounding yes, of course they do, why would you ask?

Chapter 7 – Paragraph and Section Breaks

Paragraph and section breaks can indicate transitions within writing. They also help the reader set the reading pace within novels.

Chapter 8 – The Question Mark, Exclamation Point, Italics, Points of Ellipsis, and the Hyphen

Some forms of punctuation are meant to be used only sparingly or in certain circumstances. So… use caution. We do not want outliers! Do we?


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