This is my imitation of an Onion article. Shout out to my co-workers for helping brainstorm ideas!

The last year has seen many changes in the faces of the leaders of the world. Donald Trump is now President Trump of the United States of America, and Theresa May is the new Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, following the results of the Brexit vote last summer and David Cameron’s resignation. It will be interesting to see how the countries comprising the United Kingdom will take to the results of Brexit over the next few years; many are still outraged over the Brexit win. The legendary King Arthur has his work cut out for him; not only does he need to lead a divided England, but rally the other countries comprising the United Kingdom as well. His prodigious skill will not be enough though. This issue lies deeper than saving a kingdom from the evil Morgana: it requires time, finesse and careful planning to ensure that all parties are satisfied with the end result, particularly with those who are unhappy with the results of Brexit. Though relatively close to each other in numbers, more people voted Leave than Remain, and now the European Union and the United Kingdom are filling with plans and speculations.

Over the course of the United Kingdom’s history, there have been many times where it has come out on top as a world power, and many times where it has come out weaker. Will this be a time where it comes out on the top or on the bottom? Will King Arthur prevail, and convince Walter Scott and his co-patriots that Brexit is the best thing and most beneficial for everyone, and convince Scott and his people to stay as part of Camelot? Or will the once and future king finally be defeated, once and for all? Only time will tell, and only to those who care to look and learn.


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