Growing up, Reese’s could be found in my home, sometimes out in the open and sometimes hidden. Often, they were hoarded, with everyone wanting the deliciousness to themselves. They were and are certainly hard to share. We even adamantly flaunt our pronunciation of the chocolate, which goes against what people might consider to be the actual or mainstream pronunciation. Ours is correct, though.

When I first looked at this ad, I immediately wanted Reese’s in their peanut butter and chocolate glory, and I wanted to take a bite of one just as in the ad. The thoughts shared above immediately popped into my head, and I was brought back to my childhood and teenage years, and to the constant arguments I have had with others over the proper pronunciation of the chocolate. Even the slogan given added to my reflections, “Sharing is a nice gesture. Stupid, but nice.”

This ad tells a story. In this story, viewers see the chocolate, think about having some, and picture themselves opening the package and taking it out of the wrapper. Then there is a pause, where some might think to share it with others, before realizing that it is not necessary to share. This ad makes you hypothetically contemplate sharing Reese’s peanut butter cups, before realizing that the greater satisfaction is not in sharing, which to them is “stupid, but nice.” The satisfaction comes from the bite taken out of the cup, and savoring the goodness that comes from it.

This ad demonstrates connections through the details it gives. Each Reese’s cup is clearly defined, outlined by the bright orange background that makes up their packaging. The colors are instantly recognizable, as is the distinct shape of the chocolates themselves. Another detail present represents the packaging of the chocolate: there are two Reese’s cups in each regular package. So even with the satisfaction that can come from one Reese’s, there is another to bring even more satisfaction to your Reese’s eating experience.

Further, this ad uses metaphors to get its aims across. The bite taken out of the cup falls right underneath the slogan for the ad, as if telling people its worthless and pointless to share because you have already started eating the Reese’s cup. Essentially it is a nice thought but you might as well finish your perfect Reese’s cup instead of sharing. The second cup furthers this metaphor as it pushes viewers to make more inferences, “As there are two cups, maybe sharing is okay to do.” But the slogan says otherwise, metaphorically telling people to not share, and to hoard all for themselves. Though this particular pattern of reasoning might seem off, it demonstrates the nature of the Reese’s cups themselves, that they are so good you would not want to share with others.

Overall, this is a successful ad. The colors draw you in, and immediately bring you to think about Reese’s cups. It entices you to not share with others, even if it is nice, implying that the Reese’s are just too good, so you would not want to give up any that you have, or you would miss out.


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